Please contact if you are having difficulty accessing the site whether due to technical issues (broken links, technical issues with commenting on posts and pages which allow it, etc.) or personal access needs (Ex. font needs to be larger or a different style, content needs to be more in plain language, image descriptions not working)

Current Accessibility Features

Image descriptions and alt tags:

Descriptions of images will be posted below them and we have short alt tag descriptions set up. If you post an image in a comment, please make all effort to add an image description.

No Gifs

No gifs (moving, animated images) will be posted by site administrators. Please  refrain from posting gifs in comments and place a warning if an external link includes a gif or other access concerns such as autoplay, moving backgrounds, or highly bright colors)

Captioned or transcribed videos

Any videos created and posted by the Disability Alliance & Caucus will include captions and/or a full transcript. We will make all efforts possible to link to videos with captions or transcript, and we ask that readers do the same when sharing links in the comments.

Other resources for those seeking guidance:

Accessible Meetings Guide

Duke Accessible Syllabus Project

DO-IT Resources for educators and students





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