Leadership Team

2021-2022 Officers

Disability Alliance
  • President: Hannah Jane Upson (junior)
  • Vice President:
  • Treasurer: Jim Tillett (grad student)
  • Membership/Welcomer Role: Amanda Leckner (sophomore)

Disability Caucus

  • Continuing Co-Chair, 2020-2023 term: Elizabeth McLain
  •  New Co-chair, 2021-2024 term: Emily Burns
  • Treasurer, 2021-2023 term: Lydia Qualls


  • Commission on Equal Opportunity and Diversity Representative: Christa Miller in 2020-2021
  • GSA Representative: Emily Burns
  • SSD Advisory Board Representatives: TBD

About the Structure

As stated in our About, the Disability Alliance at VT  is the umbrella organization for and closely affiliated with the Disability Caucus at VT. The Alliance is currently a Registered Student Organization (RSO).


Responsibilities of the Disability Alliance President

  • Work together, with the Caucus Co-Chairs, and others of the leadership team to plan and facilitate meetings and oversee current projects.
  • Ideally an undergraduate or graduate student

Alliance Faculty Adviser

Responsibilities include:

  • Support student leadership within the Disability Alliance as they carry out operations of the organization
  • Assist with networking with Virginia Tech departments and administrative bodies

Current Alliance Faculty Adviser

Alliance Membership Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Help new VT community members with disabilities feel welcome – provide information about how to acquire accommodations for classes or job, accessible businesses, etc.
  • Welcome them into the Disability Alliance & Caucus

Caucus Co-Chairs

Responsibilities of the Disability Caucus-Co Chairs are to:

  • Work with other caucus representatives (LGBT, Black, Latino, Veterans, etc.)  and represent the Disability Caucus at Diversity & Inclusion meetings and other university meetings.
  • Chair meetings of the Caucus, set the agenda for meetings, and distribute information to the group
  • Assist Alliance leadership with joint/general Alliance functions

Caucus Treasurer

Responsibilities of the Disability Caucus Treasurer include:

  • Manage organization budget and funds
  • Work on fundraising efforts
  • Be able to professionally interact with University admin, serves as a substitute when co-chairs are unavailable.